Abba Hugs

When I speak of Abba hugs, I refer to those unmistakable, though often seemingly insignificant, ways in which Abba (Jesus’ term for the Father) shows us how much He loves us. During our recent trip to the Mediterranean, my friend Kristin said she sensed God saying that Kerry and I were “feasting on God’s goodness.” And so it was.

I could list the obvious ways in which God shows His love for us. We are so very blessed to have life, health, wonderful family and friends… And even the so-called blessings that come with living in a country that affords us a very comfortable lifestyle. All of those we receive with gratitude from the hand of God. I could add to that the enjoyment of going in such a wonderful vacation… But the Abba hugs I’m referring to are those little things that show us that we have a father who delights to give good things to his children – just because… Let me share with you one specific example to illustrate what I mean…

IMG_20160812_1119442In Chania, Crete, we were walking along the Venetian Port (marina), observing the delightfully clear water of the Mediterranean. It was extremely hot, and I verbalized how I would give anything to be able to jump in that water. So a man offered to take our picture. We exchanged pleasantries and he told us he’s from Australia but has a Cretan wife and they’re spending some time there. We parted ways and we continued our walk. He then came back and started talking again, and told us we should walk to the Egyptian Lighthouse – which we had seen but had no intention of walking to. So convincing was his argument that we made the long walk, in the heat, only to find that in the middle of the long trek there was a little beach where my desire was satisfied. We went in the water, from which we had the most perfect view of the lovely “Old Town Chania.” And I felt a hug from Abba, and sensed His delight in giving me my heart’s desire.

You could say it was just a coincidence. You could say we would have found that spot anyway.


But perhaps God ordered our steps so we would have the information we needed to do what was in our heart but which we wouldn’t have known how to do.

As someone wisely said, “I find that the more I pray, the more coincidences I find.” And I find that the more I spend time communing with the Father, the more I see how He gives me the desired  es of my heart.

Are you taking time to notice the “Abba hugs” you are receiving today? Why not take some time to thank the Father for His goodness. It’s a good exercise for the spirit and the soul.

Dr. Chiqui Polo-Wood | All Rights Reserved