A Reflection on Violence

In the wake of the terrible events of this weekend in Orlando, it is normal to ask, What is going on? Why so much violence?
Not addressing this incident in particular, but thinking about the many incidents where innocent lives are cut short in senseless crime, I offer this reflection:
We live in a culture that has been teaching our children:
– That we come from nothing and are simply a product of chance and evolution
– That there is nothing beyond this life — no eternal repercussions
– That there is no such thing as absolute Truth — instead, as long as you believe it, it’s true for you, and everyone’s truth must be tolerated
– That it’s OK to kill a baby as long as he/she is still in his/her mother’s womb
– That there is no absolute morality; no objective standard of right and wrong (everything is permissible, except intolerance)
Furthermore, in movies and video games we celebrate violence, often rewarding extreme acts of murder.
And then we wonder why we see such disregard for human life? We wonder why the violence? And many blame the access to weapons rather than the mentality of those who misuse them.
The change in our society won’t come from external boundaries. We are dealing with values systems — a worldview that is conducive to violence.
There is a better way. Jesus — the eternal God made man — teaches us:
– That we are fearfully and wonderfully made in God’s image
– That every human life has dignity and worth
– That there is life after death, and God’s desire is that we spend eternity with Him (but He won’t force it on us)
– That God is absolute Truth — He made us, and He knows what is conducive (and what isn’t) to wholeness and human fulfillment
– That fullness of life is experienced only in relationship with Him
– That we don’t have to struggle to make it on our own; but God himself has done, on our behalf, what we couldn’t do for ourselves
– That salvation, wholeness, eternal life is freely given to anyone who will simply believe
This is good news!
Those who know, receive and believe Jesus would never kill for our beliefs; but we are willing to die for them.
Could it be that the solution to our problems comes to simply believing and receiving?
I believe so. And I’m willing to do my part, by letting Jesus live in and through me, and showing (and telling) the world the good news of salvation and LIFE.

Dr. Chiqui Polo-Wood | All Rights Reserved 2016


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