Sand Dollars

“I found one!” “And here’s another one!” “Another one!” I could hardly believe my eyes! I was walking on the beach on South Padre Island, surprised to find whole sand dollars along the way. I was spending the weekend with my friend, Jan, who is a “beach nut.” She loves anything related to the ocean – and I mean EVERYTHING!

Sand_Dollar-5Our plan for the day was just to walk on the beach and enjoy a day of solitude, reflection and prayer as we contemplated the beauty of God’s creation. Part of the fun was collecting seashells – the prettier, the better; and if they were whole, even better yet. But the real prize was to find a sand dollar. You see, these beautiful shells are so delicate that if they make it to the beach at all, they are usually broken. Finding a whole sand dollar was no easy feat!

But this day proved to be unusual. As I was walking and praying, I looked, and found the first one. A perfect sand dollar! As I was thanking God for such a lovely gift I looked, and there was another one! And then another, and another, and another! Within minutes I had found five whole sand dollars! With each gift I sensed the Father saying, “I love you. I know the desires of your heart, and it is My pleasure to give them to you.”

Simple as that! I didn’t have to work to earn them; I didn’t have to beg and try to “twist God’s arm;” I didn’t have to build an eloquent argument for the noble intentions of my heart in wanting to find a sand dollar. No. I simply walked as I sensed God was leading me, and I kept my eyes open. Did He give them to me because I needed them for some grandiose purpose? No. He simply wanted to show me how much He loves me!

And He loves you just as much!

I also heard Him say, “I know what you need, and I can put it in your path. Just walk with me and you will find it.”

I wonder how many times we miss out on what the Father wants to give us, simply because we’re not looking for it. We can get so caught up in trying to “earn” His favor, that we become blind to the blessing that He wants to pour on us.

God knows what you have need of, and He knows the desire of your heart. You can trust Him, because He loves you unconditionally.

I hope this story encourages you to (1) ask God for what you want; (2) walk hand-in-hand with Him, as He leads you; and (3) keep your eyes and heart open to receive His blessing.

Dr. Chiqui Polo-Wood  |  All Rights Reserved 2016



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