Discerning God’s Will

“Keep walking, and I will show you.” What? That didn’t make sense. It certainly wasn’t the answer I was expecting. I was at a crossroads, debating whether I should take the job that I had been offered or stay in my current position. The new job was a better position, better pay and benefits, working with a boss who had been a great mentor. But it was in California. I was living in San Antonio at the time, and was very involved in my church. On the surface it seemed like an easy decision; but I didn’t have peace about making the move. My boss was pressing me for an answer, and I just couldn’t get myself to make a decision. I know my hesitation was hard for him to understand. “That’s the price of mediocrity,” he said at one point.

So here I was, the Sunday before I had to give my final decision. We had a guest preacher coming to our church, and he was known for his well-developed prophetic ministry. I knew that he was the key for me to hear from God clearly. So I went to the prayer meeting before the service and asked Pastor Gary to pray for me. I explained the situation and posed my question: “I just want to know God’s will; whether I am supposed to go to California or stay here.” He prayed for me, and said, “I hear the Lord saying, ‘Keep walking, and I will show you.’” This answer still left me in the dark. What did God mean by that? Keep walking as in moving to California, or keep walking where I was? I was disappointed and confused.

During the service I listened intently to every word in the sermon. I was just sure that God would give me a clear “Yes” or “No” answer. But I didn’t hear anything of the sort. The message was about Isaiah at the death of king Uzziah – a good king that Isaiah looked up to. But when the king died, Isaiah looked beyond Uzziah and saw the Lord. It was a good message; but it didn’t answer my question. Still, I went to the altar, asking God to speak to me. Then it happened. When I went to the altar, I heard those words again: “That’s the price of mediocrity.” And I knew in my heart that the only reason I was even considering the move to California was so no one would label me as mediocre. It was settled. God did show me. And I knew. But beyond the job-related decision, God used this to reveal something in my heart that needed healing.

This experience taught me a few things:

* Hearing from God through someone else is good; but it’s better when we learn to hear God for ourselves. I don’t have to find a “prophet” to hear God.

* Sometimes we ask things of God looking for a simple “Yes” or “No” answer; but God wants to go deeper – He wants us whole. Many times His answers are not what we expect; but they are what we need.

* God’s will is not as much for us to do this or that, go here or there – but that wherever we go, we do it with Him. He does leave many details up to us; but He desires for us to do it all in relationship with Him.

What are you asking from God? Are you allowing Him to speak to you about the deep things of your heart? He wants to speak with you – give Him the opportunity.

Dr. Chiqui POlo-Wood | All Rights Reserved 2016



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