My Take on the 4 Blood Moons

There has been much discussion, anticipation, and even anxiety regarding the 4 blood moons that culminated with last week’s supermoon eclipse. (What a sight to see!)

Now, I should say up front that I’m not an “end times scholar,” nor an expert on biblical prophecy. But I do love to study the Bible and teach biblical interpretation (aka Hermeneutics) on the university level.

I define myself as a Trinitarian, Incarnational Theologian, which means I love to know God as the Three-in-One relational God He is, as He reveals himself primarily through His Incarnation: Jesus. This Trinitarian theology — knowing a relational God by relationship — affects everything else in my life, including my perspectives on the “Last Days.”

From this perspective, when people ask me about the Four Blood Moons, and other “end times” events, my first response is “I don’t know.” And I won’t pretend to understand things that have been clothed in mystery for centuries.

What I do know is this:

  • When John wrote his Revelations (the Apocalypse), the Church was enduring severe persecution at the hands of Caesar Domitian‎. The words in the letter made sense to them and encouraged them. Those same words encourage us today, and the simple, plain message is: “No matter how bad things get (and they may get far worse yet), you can be confident that in the end, God wins, and if you are in Christ, you are on the winning team.”
  • The days are short. I don’t know how many years (centuries, millenia?)‎ are left for humanity and the earth as we know it; but my days are short. I don’t have more than 70 years left (and probably much fewer than that!). For all of us, our days are getting shorter and shorter, and there’s no time to waste. Live life to the fullest — trust God, and join Him in His redemptive mission. There’s no better way to live.
  • ‎This is not all there is. We do have the promise (and guarantee) of the resurrection, a new heaven and a new earth. We have much to look forward to, for eternity, and we need not despair. If we are in Christ, our future is far greater that anything we can imagine!

So, relax! Keep your eyes on God. Trust Him. Walk with Him. And whatever trials we may have to endure, know that you don’t have to go through them alone. God ‎is with you and for you. If you live in His love, no matter what happens, you win!

Dr. Chiqui Polo-Wood  |  Al Rights Reserved 2015


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